The catchment schools for Colmworth Parish are: Widen Primary School, Alban Academy (Great Barford)  Primary / Margaret Beaufort (Riseley) Primary School, Mark Rutherford (Bedford) Secondary School / Sharnbrook Academy Secondary School.  Local authority buses are provided to schools in bold.  The parish chose to be included in Margaret Beaufort and Sharnbrook's catchments so transport is not provided by Bedford Borough Council from the village but they offer a "Priviledge Pass" system which costs approximately £300 per pupil per term to use the nearest bus to Margaret Beaufort or Sharnbrook if spaces are available.  In some years the Sharnbrook bus stops in Colmworth but there have been some when it does not in which case the closest stops for Colmworth would be in Little Staughton or Bolnhurst.  Check for further information at

Please note that Millfield Cottage and Berrywoods Farm are in the parish of Little Staughton.  Orchard Cottage is in the parish of Wyboston, Chawston and Colesden and therefore their catchment schools are different.

Schools in Bedford Borough have moved from a three tier system to a two tier system from September 2017.  Further information can be found here:

School Organisation Booklet Autumn 2016

In addition there were changes to school transport in 2017.  I recommend you check transport arrangements before applying to a school.  However, in simple terms free transport for under 16's is now provided to the nearest school (even if that is in Cambridgeshire) with places available or to the nearest school in Bedford Borough with places available.  In reality this means free transport will be provided to Wilden Primary and Mark Rutherford secondary but not to new applicants to Alban or Sharnbrook despite these being catchment schools.  Children from Colmworth are unlikely to get places at Longsands Secondary School in St. Neots but they might at Ernulf Academy in St. Neots - in which case free transport would be provided to these schools as they would be the nearest schools with places available.

16+ transport will be provided to the nearest post 16 educational establishment in Bedford Borough with places available.  This is likely to be Mark Rutherford but 16+ transport will be charged at approximately £300 per term.

Under 16 school transport policy

16+ school transport policy

List of schools:

Where possible we have tried to stay as local to Colmworth as possible. This list is not exhaustive But we will consider adding any suggestions. Thank you

Whilst care has been taken to compile this list it is possible there maybe some errors. Should you find any or wish to suggest improvements please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page

Sharnbrook Admissions Sept 2018

Children's Nurseries


Image result for toadhall nursery 





 Wilden VA Lower School




Kymbrook in Keysoe Row feeds into Sharnbrook and has become a primary

Image result for Great Barford Lower School



 Alban Church of England Academy

 Alban Academy is now a primary school. 


Margaret BeaufortMargaret Beaufort feeds into Sharnbrook Upper School.  It has become part of Riseley Primary


Secondary Schools





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Other Schools



Beauchamp Middle School


Glapton Primary School

Lincroft School

Image result for


St Thomas More Catholic Teaching School




Sandy upper school standard logo cmyk ee6939a25e6a09f93ca3819f19050f9bb4c4ae7938d4570c0d6b0e42ddaa82e6



Image result for

 (Agricultural school )




Private Schools




Rushmoor School in Bedford Home Link and Logo


St Andrews School in Bedford Home Link and Logo



Polam School


Bedford Modern School


Image result for kimbolton school logo






 Bedford College...Bedford... this incorporates the following below

Bedford College of Higher Education

Shuttleworth College... Houghton Regis  

Shuttleworth College Leighton Buzzard

Shuttleworth College... Dunstable

  Bedford College logo


Barnfield College... Luton  Image result for Barnfield College... Luton logo 


Stella Mann College of Performing Arts... Bedford  Image result for stella mann college of performing arts





Cranfield School of Engineering... Cranfield  Cranfield University logo 


Moulton College... Moulton Moulton College Logo








University Of Bedfordshire...Luton   University of Bedfordshire