Colmworth Country Park Entrance



Colmworth Country Park was officially opened in 2010 but the ground formally farmland was purchased by the Parish Council in 2008. During the following couple of years over 1200 trees were planted by school children and volunteers all trusting in nature that they will all hopefully will slowly mature over the next 10,20, 50 and 100 years!

In 2013 funding provided by the Bedford Borough Council enabled us to locate a field shelter, enlarge the pond and erect a bridge connecting two footpaths.

Since then the Park has slowly matured, and a number of improvements have been introduced for example, additional picnic benches, dog waste bins, a notice board and entrance signs. The management of the Park is undertaken by a small team of volunteers - the Country Park Working Group - who meet up on the 2nd & last Sunday of each month between March and October.  If you would like to join us please contact Tom Frew on 01234 376418

Country Park Working Group Terms of Reference

Further information may be found on other pages describing news, history, nature and instructions when visiting the Park.