Average Speed Cameras in Colmworth

 Average Speed Cameras Dave Hodgson

On Thursday 7th March our Mayor Dave Hodgson attended our Parish Council meeting to deliver the good news that average speed cameras will be installed by Bedford Borough Council in the village later this year.

These cameras measure the average speed over a length of road, rather than measuring it at a fixed point. This means they have a greater long-term effect on how fast people choose to drive rather than just slowing down for a speed camera. They also help drivers choose a more appropriate lower speed across the road network.

The Borough Council does not make any money from the cameras, with the fines being retained by Central Government.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said “Speeding is a common concern for local communities across the Borough, so we are taking action to reduce speeds and make our roads safer. These cameras will join other average speed cameras already in place in our Borough, which have already had a positive impact on road users and local communities. They have brought speeds down, made our roads safer for all and improved the day-to-day experience of those who live in proximity to speeding hotspots.”

The parish will be making a £10,000 donation towards installing the cameras. £3,150 will come from the Parish Council’s earmarked reserves and £1,037.50 from our precept for 2019/20 and the remaining balance of £5,812.50 will be met from the generous pledges we have received from the residents of Colmworth. Our thanks go to all those who have written in support, attended meetings, and pledged money. We would also like to thank Bedfordshire Police for gathering speed data for us and voicing their support for cameras in Colmworth, and Andrew Prigmore of Bedford Borough Council Highways Department and Mayor Dave Hodgson for their support with this project.

NB. If you have pledged money towards this project please hold onto the money until you receive further instructions regarding payment. Thank you.

At the moment none of the revenue from speed cameras is returned to the local councils who have to pay for their installation.
The Mayor of Bedford has started a petition stating "I / we call on the government to return the money from fines from average-speed cameras to Bedford Borough to fund maintenance and installation to keep the Borough's roads safe."