Verulam Cycle Club is running a cycle event on Sunday 19th May 2019 starting from the Village Hall in Colmworth. Parking is being provided at the Nursery School. A map of the circuit they will be riding is attached on what they refer to as the "Cross End" circuit.

They have two races taking place: 9-12 Men, 2-4pm Women

They will be heading out from the village hall and returning at the end of the two races.

The plan is to travel south and use New Road to get to the circuit. They will form up the riders (max riders permitted = 80) by the car park behind a lead car with flashing light with following support vehicles also with flashing lights. The group will then be led at a safe speed (under a red flag) to the circuit where the race will then start when safe.

They will have signage put in place on Saturday (including the route to the circuit) and will be using 10 accredited marshals - trained by British Cycling with authority to stop traffic. They also have 4 NEG (National Escort Group) motorcycle escorts supporting them on the ride out and the race.

The NEG riders do have authority to halt traffic using a "rolling closure" approach when needed.

For further information please contact

 Cycle route