Colmworth Rights of Way CROW



On the Map Below Zoom into the area you are interested in first.

Then Click on the Pin symbol for local information and select rights of way.

That will show you all the rights of way in the area according to the definitive map (working copy).


The Borough Council cut sections of our RoW twice as part of the Borough’s Seasonal Vegetation Cut (SVC). These are highlighted in yellow on the map below.  There is an opportunity to make changes for the second cut this year. If you would prefer alternative, but equal, length of cut elsewhere on the network please contact Tom Frew on or 01234 376 418 before 5th July 2018


Footpath map showing vegetation cuts in yellow


Bedford Borough Council's Guide to Rights of Way for Farmers and Landowners



The Parish Council have been advised that the developers of the new houses at Sycamore Close off Honeydon Road have applied for a diversion of Footpath 4.  It will be diverted from the bold black line to the bold yellow line on the map in the link below.

Further information and a map are available here:

The deadline for comments is 3rd August.