The Colmworth Parish Plan

As part of the village consultation during the preparation and subsequent issue of the Colmworth Parish Plan in 2010, forty-one people expressed some degree of interest in using allotments in the village. At the recent Parish Council meeting the potential provision of allotments in the village was discussed and it was agreed that before the Parish Council embarks on exploring the practicalities for the provision of allotments we need to be very sure of those residents who are seriously interested in using them. There are other options, which you may wish to consider. One example is that there are a number of large gardens in the village which could be used for other people to use for gardening, or people may be looking for help in there own garden, both of which may offer more practical solutions than the provision of allotments. Please give this matter your consideration and if you have views on this subject you are very welcome to come along to the open Parish meeting in the Village hall on May 9th at 7-30 pm to discuss the topic further.
Denis Smith