Friends of St Denys' 


The Friends of St Denys' are local people who came together to publicise the serious condition of the fabric and help raise funds to make the future of our beautiful medieval church of St Denys, safe. Over the last two years, it helped raise sufficient funds to take out one of the beautiful windows in the chancel, have the mullions repaired and put back.


Our next challenge is to repair the gutters of the chancel roof. Their decay is leading to damage to the roof and its supporting timbers. Grants are being applied for but will not be considered unless local fundraising attracts similar matched amounts so this is a long term project to promote the church.  While raising the money, we are helping to promote the church as a centre of arts and culture so we are not just asking for money, but trying to put on a good show - well, a few shows!


Please see our website for up to date information